Our Books

Our large collection of picture books for younger readers is organised in sections; clearly labelled with pictures and text so readers will be able to find the stories that interest them easily. We hope that even the youngest children will be able to search for a book and be able to put it back in the right place – under the watchful eye of an adult!

We’ve looked carefully at images our youngest readers will see and are making sure that our stock celebrates cultural diversity and inclusivity.

We’ve highlighted children’s favourite authors in the junior fiction section and made it easier to navigate the non fiction books by using clear dividers and explaining how the Dewey system works.

We have excellent relationships with local schools and we work with them on supporting the curriculum. We can’t wait to welcome pupils in again and we have lots of fun ideas for activities which will help children understand the library and how it works.

If you’re not sure how to put a book back in the right place, we’ve put a returns basket out for you to use. This will really help our volunteers to keep the library in shape.

Going forward we hope that young readers will be confident enough to put them back correctly by themselves.

We have improved the shelving for the Teen Fiction and Reference Collection and have opened up more floor space. Our lovely ‘Reading Room’ door has been repositioned and provides an emergency exit whilst preserving a safe place for children to read and play.

We’ve new computer desks, new blinds and new books and we hope to post news of upcoming events as soon as we can!

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