It’s all about kids!  Changes are on their way……

“Where are all the dinosaur books ?” and “I can’t find Peppa Pig”

We now have a small working group responsible for improving the organisation and environment in the children’s library. We are lucky to have a great collection of children’s books but we feel we could make it easier for you to find your favourite stories and authors – and help our volunteers to maintain the library. Many of the books are ECCL’s own thanks to J.D.Wetherspoon’s significant monthly donations: targeted specifically at younger readers.

We will be reorganising our large collection of picture books for younger readers into sections; clearly labelled with pictures and text so readers will be able to find the stories that interest them more easily. We hope that even the youngest children will be able to search for a book and be able to put it back in the right place wih supervision.

We will be providing alphabetical labels by author for the junior fiction library and highlighting popular authors. We’ll display information about different fiction book genres too.

The non fiction library will be supported by information on how the Dewey Decimal System works with clear dividers and additional picture and text labels for popular subjects.

We have already liaised with local schools so that, going forward, we can support their curriculum.

We hope to provide fun activity sheets and scavenger hunts which will help to develop children’s skills and independence in using the library and its systems.

A returns basket will be introduced for those occasions when it is not possible for children or their parents/carers to put the books back in just the right place. This will make it much easier for volunteers to return the books and keep the library in good order.

We hope that all library users will support the initiative to make the books in our children’s collection more accessible and sustain the organisation over time.

We’ve already made improvements by adapting shelving to house the Teen Fiction and Reference Collection thereby opening up more floor space. The original ‘Reading Room’ door is no longer hidden by bookshelves and we have an Emergency Exit door in place which adresses safety issues whilst preserving a safe place for children to read and play. We now have 3 new computer desks which match those in the adult library. They have been cut down to size and give each user their discrete space.

There will be more news and updates on the reorganisation of the Kidz Zone when we are able to open, work on the reorganisation and welcome you in once more. We can’t wait for you to see it.

We will of course be running our children’s events and activities as soon as it is possible to do so. For information please click here

 Any activities or events you would like to see or you could help with?

Email us at  We’d love to hear from you!

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