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Short story winning entries 2022

What About Me?

By Lily Rockett (aged 12)

Slowly, I rolled over and yawned. ‘What time is it?’ I asked, looking out of the window to see the beaming, bright sun. I presumed it was morning. I jumped out of bed and ran into my mum’s room. I looked up in annoyance to see that she was still asleep. Jumping onto her bed, hoping to wake her up, I had no luck. I was so good I waited patiently by her side on her bed until she woke up. By the look on her face, she seemed happy to see me.

One by one, everyone got out of bed. They all sat down to eat their breakfast but it was completely different to mine. Every meal was something different but I was stuck with the same thing every day. They all sat around the table talking. Mum and Dad paid loads of attention to them but what about me?

My siblings started getting ready for ‘school’. School. What even is it? And why don’t I get to go? My sister and brother go nearly every day while I’m stuck here at home. It is completely unfair; they get to go out and see their friends every day while I’m still here. But what about me?  

Mum took my siblings to school therefore it was just me and Dad. I could see him running around the house looking for his tie. Oh! I had put it under his bed so he would know where it was! I went under there and got it out for him and went up to hand it to him. In my head I felt so helpful but when I looked at him he seemed annoyed at me? Why? I bet if my siblings handed it to him he wouldn’t be annoyed. He would probably be happy that they found it. Without bothering to say goodbye, he left. But what about me?

And it was just me. All alone. As always. Even if the house was filled with people, I would feel alone. Like it’s me against the world. The time passed slowly. But it did still pass and finally everyone arrived home. I was so happy to see them walk through the door. Nearly as soon as he got home, my brother played catch with me. My favourite game. How could you not love catch? We played for what felt like hours but I loved every second of it. Suddenly he walked up and scratched my head. ‘You’re such a good dog’ he said as his face beamed down at mine.  

The Case of the Missing Wedding Ring

By Alisha Masood (aged 8)

There was once a girl called Lola Grine who lived with her grandma, grandpa, uncle and auntie. Her mum and dad died in a plane when they were going to Colombia. One day Lola was going to the shops to buy some milk when she saw the back of a man running and she also saw the police were trying to catch this man so obviously this was a crime. She bravely walked up to the police and said ‘can I help?’ The police said ‘no it is too dangerous for you’. They at least told her the case. The man they were chasing was called Bob and he had the Queen’s wedding ring.

When Lola got home, she couldn’t stop thinking about the robbery. Since she couldn’t stop thinking about it, she wondered if she could solve this crime herself.

The next day she was watching a video called ‘How to make cookies’ when she saw a news bulletin which said Bob is in Hype Road and Hype Road was where Lola lived. She looked on Google to see a picture of Bob and he looked very familiar to Lola. He looked like the man in the shop. When Lola went to the shops yesterday, she saw the same man hiding behind a bin but she thought he was playing hide and seek with someone. So, this meant he had run quickly into the shop to hide somewhere but Bob must have seen the police go so he thought he should run away somewhere else. If Lola was correct, she still had to have proof.

‘Lola it’s time for you to eat your lunch’ , Lola’s Grandma shouted. Lola amazingly finished her food before anybody else. Lola made a quick sketch of Bob and went to check if he was still in the shop but he wasn’t. She went round the neighbourhood asking everyone if they had seen this man.

She came to a man that said ‘I saw this man 2 minutes ago. He was behind some bushes’.

‘Could you take me to these bushes’? asked Lola.

‘Of course’.

When she got to the bushes, Lola took a peek inside. When she looked inside, she saw Bob!

She quickly jumped on him to stop him from running away and called the police. When the police came, they asked Bob to get out of the bushes. Bob wouldn’t normally listen because he’s a thief but this time he did listen. His tummy was hurting sooo much because Lola was sitting on it.

‘You are a life saver. Anything in return?’ asked the police officer.

Lola asked for a new and improved computer and to be the first one to be called if a crime happens.

So now Lola has a cherished life in the Grine house and helps with any crimes in the area. 


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