In our own words

“It is so satisfying. I meet lots of people and do a variety of tasks – and it’s a great bunch of people to work with.”

“I really like the sense of community, people coming in to chat. It’s not just a library, it’s a hub and it’s how you feel when you can help someone – even if it’s something small.”

“I actually enjoy the face to face conversations with the public; it keeps you grounded when you meet the wider public.”

“It’s the nicest library I’ve ever been in and I feel so fortunate to be a volunteer. There is a wonderful atmosphere with a warm community feel and the camaraderie is wonderful. It’s wonderful feeling useful.”

“This is how I feel volunteering at the library benefits me personally –

-I enjoy meeting and helping people

-It keeps me mentally and physically active and increases self confidence

-It provides an opportunity to keep up to date with technology/computers – using exisiting skills and learning new ones

-Doing shifts with lovely friendly volunteers.”

“I am pleased and proud to play a part in keeping our historic library open and in transforming it into a real community hub. Being able to help people, even with something as simple as looking up a phone number or bus times, provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction. My fellow volunteers are all a pleasure to work with and it is great to form new friendships within our vibrant Earlsdon community.”

“For me volunteering at the library keeps me grounded and in touch with the local community. It is all too easy these days to get stuck in the comfortable bubble of friends and family and a shift at the library helps to break out from that and give new perspectives on what is important and how people live their lives.”

“Having lived in Earlsdon on and off for fifty years I have now discovered a whole new community through volunteering at the library. I had no idea such a variety of interesting people were on my doorstep all these years.”

“Volunteering means I can gain experience while at university and it is flexible so I can work around my course. Everyone looks out for each other and working together, we try to meet the needs of the community; making me feel I have spent my spare time doing something useful. Socially I mix with people I wouldn’t normally meet and as time goes on I discover their personal experiences and become ever more connected with the team of volunteers. Working at the library has given me confidence, support and knowledge which is forever growing.”

“I meet a wide variety of people and hopefully, am able to help them. I have learned some new processes – I had no previous experience of how a library functions behind the scenes and although I am hardly ‘Mr. Digital’ my computer skills have improved.”

“It keeps me connected to the community and enable me to learn new skills and to share the skills and knowledge I already have.”

“Volunteering gives me time to experience and appreciate all that a library should be: a welcoming place to browse with ease and support.”

“Volunteering at the library has helped me make the transition from a busy full time job and has given me new friends and a sense of community. I feel proud to have helped preserve and enhance this wonderful asset.”

“Life was a blur until I was seven and Birmingham Eye Hospital finally prescribed the right reading glasses. A new world opened. So did many books borrowed from our local library. I’ve loved libraries ever since, so I’m more than happy to do my small part in helping to keep open the splendid building that is now Earlsdon Carnegie Community Library. A haven of community activity and a literary gem.”

“Not only has volunteering helped me polish old skills, it has inspired me to learn new ones. My confidence has returned and I’m so very proud to have contributed to our success. Now for the sustainability!”


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