Locked out of the library

Steve Jewell

Bearded lily

Steve Jewell

Early morning walk

Ann Wilson

There are clearly some very poorly patients in Earlsdon! Thank you Ann. Were you a nurse by any chance?

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Julie Rubidge

I’ve been burrowing in the attic and rediscovered a silk bedspread which I remember us buying from a long ago trip to India. We found it in Varanasi, a place so special I wouldn’t want to revisit it, preferring to keep my memories intact. The silk is worn, so I’ve been spending some time stitching it very carefully

These pictures belonged to my lovely in-laws who travelled around India with us. So good to see them on display again.

Carrina Blake: library manager

I have nearly finished reading ‘The Goldfinch’, so I am pleased to have found the time as I started it a long time ago. Also we have been running weekly family quiz nights via skype as a way to all have fun together.

Caroline Wilde

I’ve done a lot of gardening at home and at the allotment – the allotment now looks slightly  less like a jungle.  Cleaning’s come a poor second – Helen’s photos put me to shame as my floor’s almost identical to hers but much less shiny!    I’ve been walking my dog  Fifi at the bowling green bit of Spencer Park and I’ve read lots of books sitting in the garden.  I’m loving Borrow Box and am in the middle of an audiobook of Smileys People – thank goodness I’ve read it before and seen it on tv or I’d never follow the plot – it’s a really good version of it. 
I spend lots of time keeping up with family including doing Zoom for my granddaughters second birth day which was fun but exhausting – I even felt I had to make sure I changed out of my dirty gardening clothes and brushed my hair.

Julie Rubidge

Rupert investigating the effect of sun on the mud in his ditch in the Memorial Park this morning. Someone was in the middle of the field timing himself on running between two discs; Rupert thought they were too close so helpfully picked one up and ran off with it. Fortunately no one was injured in this incident….

Rita Adams

The most notable thing I’ve done recently is to make 2 sets of hospital scrubs.  I have also made some scrubs laundry bags – apparently medical staff use the bags to put their scrubs into then the whole thing goes in the washing machine.  The laundry bag is basically just like a big pump bag  like we used to have at school.  

Mary Wood

I have been setting up online bridge for 90 people, many of whom live alone, doing two Samaritans shifts a week; arranging a funeral in these challenging times; helping with looking after 90 year old mother in law (now widow ) with asthma, living alone.

Plus catching up with some great films  and, of course, reading some great books. Our three cats are also getting a lot of attention..

Exhausting times !

Helen Spence

Well, I’ve done a lot of cleaning which otherwise gets put off. Three tiled floors now have immaculately clean grout & look like new. 

I’ve spent quite a bit of time working at the allotment which is gradually being cleared of all weeds. There’s a lot of blossom on all the fruit trees so I’m hoping for good results there. Sadly, the rhubarb is not producing this year – don’t know why.

Like Rita, I have signed up to sew scrubs for the NHS but so far have not received any materials – a bit frustrating!

I’ve still got various diy jobs in mind to do – so still got plenty to do.

Ann Wheatley

Very boring I’m afraid.  Going for walks in the park, taking enjoyment in planning, cooking and eating meals together again, which was a habit we had almost lost!  We seem to be making more effort to keep in touch with family too, so it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Terry Rahilly

Dug far more of the garden than I usually manage at this time of year.Power washed the patioCleaned a canopy over a passageway at the side of the houseConstructed staging for some plants and made a garden gate (pictures attached-sorry I couldn’t delete the two sideways photos)Done some research work for the Transport MuseumPlanted out broad beansSanded down and oiled a garden tableHelped look after our grandson(currently living with us)

Suki Fitzgerald

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Chris Arnot

You were asking about what we’re reading during this seemingly endless lockdown.  Just before it started I managed to get a copy of Graham Swift’s new novel from Waterstone’s. (Will give it to the library, along with much else, when this is over.) The book’s called We Are Here — the strange story of a love triangle between entertainers on Brighton Pier in 1959. After that, I re-read his Booker prize winner Last Orders, perhaps because it had a picture of a half finished pint on the front.During the fine weather, I used to finish writing in my loft at “beer o’clock” and take a bottle down the garden as the sun went down behind next door’s chimney. From Graham Swift I’ve gone back to re-reading Duncan Hamilton’s evocative cricket book, A Last English Summer, which I first devoured on a beach in France 10 years ago. Change the “Last” to “Lost” and we have a suitable title for the months to come.

Steve Jewell

Goslings at Warwick University

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